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Jan 22, 2014

Luxury overcoat Moncler is created by Giambattista Valli (one of my favorite designer of the last season). This collection looks really glamorous and fairy snowy, skiing resort with fabulous ladies from 60s-70s. Every time Moncler produces excellent performance, which are always greater than simple fashion show! 

Jan 1, 2014

Merry Christmas ! ! !

Dec 30, 2013

Fall tendencies for a gala dress’s choice:
1) style fusion: create fashion-party
2) black/white: become elegant classical lady
3) pajamas pattern: feel like at home with cosy suit
4) pastel colors: be romantic and delicate
5) fur coat: don’t forget about warm overcoat

Dec 19, 2013

"Анна была не в лиловом, как того непременно хотела Кити, а в черном, низко срезанном бархатном платье, открывавшем ее точеные, как старой слоновой кости, полные плечи и грудь и округлые руки с тонкою крошечною кистью. Все платье было обшито венецианским гипюром. На голове у нее, в черных волосах, своих без примеси, была маленькая гирлянда анютиных глазок и такая же на черной ленте пояса между белыми кружевами. Прическа ее была незаметна. Заметны были только, украшая ее, эти своевольные короткие колечки курчавых волос, всегда выбивавшиеся на затылке и висках. На точеной крепкой шее была нитка жемчугу"

Анна Каренина

Dec 15, 2013 / 2 notes

Christmas magic is coming!

Dec 15, 2013 / 4 notes

Russian winter inspires to the style “a la russe” ! Dream about a light short fur coat, a fluffy muff and mittens! And run to sledge with horses!!

Dec 3, 2013 / 2 notes

Beautiful Daria Strokous for future summer Dior make-up collection

Dec 3, 2013

Simple and clear silhouette by Jil Sander is the eternal classics: warm fall clothes of calm dark colors greet rainy, chilly weather. Be an elegant lady all the year round!

Nov 15, 2013 / 1 note

My autumn holiday was finished one week ago and it’s time to study. Moschino helps to begin learning with pleasure and variety in boring weekdays. Rossella Jardini chose for her collection the young heroine from the high society: her leisure implies equestrian sport and education in privileged closed schools. The prototypes of this image became an fashion-sports icon, Ann Bonfoey Taylor, and an American sharpshooter, Annie Oakley. Moschino has combined the sportive style with elements from the Japanese school-uniform. Models walked in pairs like gossip schoolgirls. Combination such elements like helmet, dress-coat, jabot creates handsome and tidy figure of horse-woman. Be ready to school with Moschino!

Oct 30, 2013 / 2 notes

Halloween is coming and the collection of Mary Katrantzou partly applies to this mysterious dreadful dark topic. It’s ideal play with shape and silhouette: the overall trend for the fall season “oversized clothes” hints at the new concept of feminity (when a girl seems very delicate in a large coat). Katrantzou knows how to work with prints which ask out a person to awesome misleading world. There’s very difficult to understand where reality and magic. These prints with the special optical effect depicts a single snow-covered lamppost on moonlit night, ominous dark trees, an alley in calm pastel colors on black background. Photos of Edward Steichen and Alfred Strieglitz have impacted on this collection, they modernized nature adding industrial landscape on their shoots. Mary Katrantzou applies to melancholy and dreaminess recovering to muse Gothic poetry…